If I stand at just the right angle all I can see is towering broccoli, flowering collard greens and the tight purple buds of garden chives

April showers bring May … showers? It remains to be seen, but it’s now the last week of April, and I’ve been dashing back and forth from car to house to school to work with my papers over my head and the spring rains soaking through my boots. The daily struggle in my house is […]

It was painful to realize my son was coming by this terrible, awful, no-good state of mind honestly

E was in six shirts before 11 a.m. this morning. This is not entirely unusual, especially over the course of a day, but today there was an anxiety associated with the fashion show, a sensory overload I have witnessed before. First he tried to wear the shirt he was wearing yesterday. That got the mom-veto. […]

A meditation for when you are little and itchy and restless and not tired and a bit sad and lonely

I read a study once that found siblings, in terms of personality, aren’t demonstrably more similar than two people you might pull off the street. Researchers speculated on a variety of causes, but whatever the reason, in our house, this could not be more true. Julia is a night owl. Even when she was a […]