I’m honored to join the cast of Expressing Motherhood in Portland this October

Photo Credit: Ashly Covington


I’ve been invited to perform a story about raising Ethan at Expressing Motherhood, the national stage show making its Portland debut in October. It will be at The Alberta Rose Theatre on Oct. 17, just one day before the boy turns eight (and I turn 1,000…). I couldn’t be more honored! Or more barfy/nervous, frankly, to share a stage with a dozen talented women, including Jenny Conlee of the Decemberists.

A little more about the show from Expressing Motherhood:

Expressing Motherhood is the hit, ongoing stage show that has been showcasing people sharing their stories about motherhood onstage since 2008. Created in Los Angeles by Lindsay Kavet & Jessica Cribbs, just one year after its conception the show was taken to NYC and it performed to sold out audiences off-off Broadway. Since NYC, it has gone to cities all over the nation such as Boston, Chicago, Sioux Falls, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Louisville and The South Bay.

It is headed to Dubuque, Iowa, and Portland, Oregon, this year. The show is also  on Spotify &  has been watched at homes across the country via their DVDs and live-streamed shows.

Watch an entire show online here.

The show was built for the non-famous, non-published, the person dying to get out and express themselves. The first person cast was a gay father. The cast consists of around 10 people, and each time the cast changes. People submit their stories and the stories are chosen based on the power of their stories.


Around 8,000 seats have been filled to see the show, 200 people have performed in it and countless spirits filled because of it.

Click here for tickets and information.

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